Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weather warning for asthmatics

The cold and windy conditions due this week are common triggers for asthma attacks in those who have the condition, writes Brian Byrne.

The Asthma Society of Ireland has issued a warning and guidelines for asthma sufferers in the light of the current weather forecasts, including wearing a scarf over the nose and mouth if out in cold and windy conditions.

Sudden changes in temperature can also be triggers, and colds, viral infections and flu can bring on an asthma attack.

The Society is reminding asthmatics to always have their inhalers with them when out of their homes, and to use them before warming up in advance of going out for exercise.

There are an estimated 21,193 asthmatics in Kildare. The Asthma Adviceline is 1800 44 54 64.