Friday, February 16, 2018

'Canvass pubs for clean-up volunteers'

If a similar result as comes from organising a Fun Run could be achieved for a Community Clean-up Day, it would have a dramatic effect on the look of the town, writes Brian Byrne.

That was a comment during a recent Tidy Towns discussion on a programme of work for the coming year.

The group will pick a date for the Clean-up and then try and involve all resident areas, clubs, and other organisations for a major push to clean the town in advance of spring and summer.

"It needs to be done before everything gets covered in new growth," Eoin O'Houlihan noted. "If we could get clubs to agree to devote one training session on the day to cleaning up, it would be very helpful."

It was also suggested that the pubs could be canvassed to sign up customers for the Clean-up day.

The meeting also decided that Tidy Towns litter picking during the summer would be carried out by teams of two, with one person bagging discarded recyclable items and the other the rubbish.