Sunday, February 04, 2018

An experimental Act of Oblivion

An experimental work-in-progress by the Kildare Youth Theatre involves two totally separate plays running on the same stage at the same time, writes Brian Byrne.

'The Act of Oblivion' is being presented on Saturday and Sunday 10/11 February at the Riverbank Arts Centre in Newbridge, performances at 8pm.

According to producer Peter Hussey, this is the first of four possible stages in the development of the piece, and the audiences's on each night will be invited to give feedback and discuss the production.

"Both plays are told at the same time by two separate companies of young actors," Peter says. "In one — Laudabiliter (1155) — Charlie has organised the perfect New Year's Eve party in his campus accommodation, but his plans don't include the enigmatic Elliot who somehow seems to live there too but not even Charlie knows how or why?

"In the other play — Surrender and Regrant (1537) — Sean has the house to himself when his parents go away and he organises a rehearsal of their Irish-speaking 'phunc-rock' band but Eoghan brings a new singer. From Estonia. Who doesn't speak Irish. But who has lots of money.

"Both plays run their course through, across, and in-between each other, oblivious of each other. Can a settlement to share the stage be reached?"

Sounds like a producer's nightmare ... and absolutely fascinating.

Supported by an award from the Arts Council of Ireland’s Young Ensembles Scheme 2017 and by Kildare County Council.

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(The title refers to how, in 1604 at the end of the Irish Nine Years' War, an Act of Oblivion declared that all "offences against the crown" committed before the King's accession were to be "pardoned, remitted, and utterly extinguished". But they were not forgotten. )