Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Watching for potholes

The subsidence evident around this telecoms access cover on the Kilcullen-Curragh road just outside the Castlemartin estates is worrying, given the level of traffic on that road, writes Brian Byrne.

It would be prudent for the local authority's Roads Department to deal with it before it worsens, especially during the more eroding conditions of winter.

Meanwhile, Kildare County Council dealt swiftly with a pothole on the Sunnyhill Road near Cnoc na Greine … though only after a resident of the estate damaged her car in it at night.

"I called them the next morning and they had it filled in when I went back out that day," she told the Diary. "But it did €250 worth of damage to my car, wrecking two wheels, and I can't drive it at the moment."

ED NOTE: Perhaps residents of Kilcullen and the surrounding area should make a habit of notifying the Council of the existence of potholes in their locality, and make a note of the report. A local authority may have a liability for damage if a reported pothole isn't repaired in a reasonable time. 'Pothole Watch', anyone?