Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lego fans must visit Castletown

As we have two little boys over from America to entertain, we've been taking on experiences which are outside our normal, writes Brian Byrne.

For the record, they're Gavin and Devin Byrne, our grandchildren and sons of Carl and Livea, who live in Cold Spring NY. If you see the lads in tow around town, give them a high five.

Anyhow, today it was a trip to the Big Brick Lego exhibition in Castletown House, and for anyone interested in the toy, it's a must. Running until the end of August, there's also opportunity to play with Lego, and there are a number of master-classes planned for children, look them up if you have interested youngsters (our Gavin is a master, way beyond his five years).

The exhibition has some 500 sets of Lego and Wrebbit 3D puzzles all constructed by Michael Finan, from Banbridge in Co Down. He has been a Lego enthusiast since he was five and his early exhibitions were put in place to raise money for children's cancer charities, and since then they have been shown all over Ireland.

Well worth the trip. And the light cost includes the use of the garden in Castletown, with picnic tables and a small but nice playground … and lots of fairy doors.

The cafe is really good too ... try the Ploughman's Sandwich, or the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for special treats.