Saturday, July 01, 2017

Changes at Board of Brannoxtown NS

At the official opening of BRannoxtown NS new school.
Conor O'Toole and Rosie Sheehan have been appointed to the Board of Management of Brannoxtown NS, following the setting up of a Community Liaison Group to work with the BOM to secure the future of the school, writes Brian Byrne.

This follows a public meeting on 28 June, where the Liaison Group was set up. The Group have been in contact with the Board of Management and are looking forward to working with the Board to deal with the concerns of the parents of the pupils and the wider community in a constructive manner.

Another meeting is called Thursday 6 July to which all parents of pupils past and present are invited to discuss plans to protect the school.

This meeting will also take place in the Community Centre beside the Baptist Church and will begin at 8pm.