Saturday, June 17, 2017

World Vision Garden Party a sunshine success

It was truly a day sent from Heaven in aid of World Vision today, at La Touche Cottage in Brannockstown, writes Brian Byrne.

Setting a date for a garden party in Ireland is always a risky business, even in the height of summer. But it all worked out at the home of the late Pastor Robert Dunlop to be just the right level of sun and heat to bring out the fashion and the music.

Hosted by Mrs Olive Dunlop and organised by friends of Robert, one of the founders of the Irish branch of World Vision, they came to entertain, to be entertained, and generally to have a good time in a great cause.

Among the long list of people performing were Dorly O’Sullivan & Phil Callery, John O’Loughlin, Peter Brabazon, John Martin, Roy Thompson, Angie Escarson, Julie Dunlop, Susan Rusk, Philomena Breslin and many more.

The Diary’s pictures give just a flavour of a perfect summer day. The full set is available here.