Thursday, June 08, 2017

Bank explains Kilcullen restructure

Kilcullen BofI branch manager Jo McMahon at the new Online Banking kiosk.
The following is a statement from Bank of Ireland on the background to its service restructuring in Kilcullen.

When we look at trends over time within a branch’s catchment area and see a consistent decrease in counter activity, we reconfigure the branch to support how our customers are using it. That means moving staff from behind the counter directly onto the floor, where they can provide advice and assistance to customers including in the use of self-service options. This change has been very successful in a growing number of our branches, where we have seen an increase in transactions happening in branch through the enhanced availability of self-service options.

Our customers are rapidly changing the way they bank, just as they are changing the way they buy goods or services online and communicate with each other. Today, only 3pc of our customers’ total transactions are conducted over the counter – 97pc of all transactions take place through other channels. For example, every month, we have eight million interactions with our customers on our mobile app, and over 14 million interactions per month through the mobile app, online banking, and contact centres combined. In addition, the use of credit and debit card and contactless banking continues to grow, with demand for cheques, foreign currency and coin services continuing to significantly reduce.

Kilcullen branch is adopting the ‘Advice & Self Service’ model which is already in place in some locations nationwide. Advice & Self Service branches continue to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products and services, access to online and 365 phone services, the ability to lodge and withdraw cash from easy to use self-service machines. They also enable greater availability of branch staff to provide personalised financial and banking advice. Foreign currency exchange and coin transaction services will no longer be available in these branches. If customers require a counter service, we will introduce them to the branch of their choice locally.

We continue to invest in and improve our customer offerings. Business and retail customers increasingly require access to 24/7 facilities for lodgement and withdrawal and Kilcullen already has an eLATM in place. We are also putting an internet kiosk into the Kilcullen branch, where customers will be able to conduct online banking within the branch. Our staff will be available on the floor to assist customers to use the available in-branch services and advise on products such as mortgages, investments, and insurance.

Implementation of these changes is taking place on a phased basis with a two-month period for comprehensive customer notification. Bank of Ireland is committed to supporting vulnerable and elderly customers and a dedicated team provides additional support in the use of our digital and self-service options — 30,000 customers attended these ‘Tea and Teach’ sessions last year.