Monday, May 29, 2017

TD seeks confirmation of NTA approval of Kavanagh bus changes

Deputy Martin Heydon has written to the Minister for Transport and the National Transport Authority to find out if changes to the JJ Kavanagh bus schedule from tomorrow have been approved by the NTA, writes Brian Byrne.

As reported on the Diary last week, the changes further isolate Kilcullen in transport terms, as one morning, and two evening services, will now bypass the town and other villages between Kilkenny and Dublin.

If the NTA has approved the changes, Deputy Heydon says he wants to know what alternative arrangements have been planned for commuters who currently use the displaced services.

“The late evening routes which are being changed are at a time when there are not a lot of other alternatives for commuters coming out of Dublin,” the Deputy says, “and I want to know what alternative arrangements will be in place.”

There has been a very strong negative reaction in Kilcullen to the news of the service cuts, with many people saying it is going to cost local people more in taxis and other services to get home at late hours.