Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Meals on Wheels information

Volunteers for the new Meals on Wheels service in Kilcullen had a recent information meeting and launch in Kilcullen, writes Brian Byrne.

The main speaker was Cora Bolger, coordinator of the HSE's services for older persons.

She noted that the concept of Meals on Wheels had originated during the 'Blitz' bombing of London, when women brought hot food to emergency services workers trying to rescue victims from ruined homes.

"In those days they used to deliver the food in prams, under straw and felt hats to keep it warm," she said. "Nowadays we have proper ovens and microwaves, but one thing hasn't changed — the Meals on Wheels service is fully reliant on volunteers to deliver the food."

The service in Kilcullen is being operated as a project of Kilcullen Lions Club, and a roster of volunteers was outlined at last week's event in Kilcullen Heritage Centre.

Frances Clare of Kilcullen Lions emphasised that the service wasn't a charitable endeavour, as the recipients pay for their hot meal, currently being delivered on Wednesdays.

But there is also very much a social aspect, as in some cases the older people availing of the service may not see many people during the week, and the volunteer is a link to the outside world for them.

The service may also be availed of by someone recuperating from illness at home, on a temporary basis.

Currently there are 38 people on the volunteer roster in Kilcullen. They have the capacity to cope with many more than the startup numbers currently being catered for.