Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Survey of children's needs in Kildare, West Wicklow

Kildare Children & Young People’s Service Committee (CYPSC) and Kildare/West Wicklow Parenting Forum are looking for feedback about the concerns and needs of parents of 6-12 year olds in Co Kildare, writes CYPSC coordinator Emma Berney. The closing date for this survey is 7 April 2017.

This feedback will be used to try and improve services and supports for parents in Co Kildare. A link to the online version of this brief survey (it takes 10-15 minutes) is

If you are a parent of a 6-12 year old and live in Co Kildare, please complete the survey yourself.

Please circulate the survey to work colleagues, family and friends.

Please share the link on websites and social media sites

This survey is strictly confidential — no answers are linked to names.

This is a valuable opportunity for parents to share their concerns and experiences, so we are encouraging as many parents as possible to participate.

Many thanks in advance for your support of this initiative.