Thursday, March 02, 2017

Sometimes it only takes one ...

Sometimes it takes the power of community, at other times it's all about the power, and commitment, of one person, writes Brian Byrne.

And thats why Pinkeen Stream is an awful lot cleaner tonight, because local resident Dr Jan Baars decided he was 'tired looking at' the rubbish which has been clogging up the stream, and got in down and dirty and single-handedly cleared it up.

"I had a few hours to spare, so I just got stuck in," he told the Diary this evening. The result is about 20 bags of rubbish as well as a bunch of other stuff, including bicycles, signs, and other sundry, all ready for collection by Kildare County Council.

"I know the Council had planned to do it, but I was concerned about the stream's flow, and I had the disinfectant and gear and I'm used to being in rivers, so I decided to get the stuff out."

Jan is a lecturer and assistant professor in the School Of Biology & Environment Science in UCD, and has conducted a number of educational days for for local people in the river at Kilcullen.

He says the Pinkeen stream has a considerable amount of packed sediment which should probably be removed so as to provide a clear run of water.

In association with Kilcullen Community Action, he will be undertaking a review of life in and around the stream, with a view to encouraging native flora species to grow there.

For some weeks now, a KCA worker under the CES scheme has been cutting back excessive growth along the stream, and Dr Baars hopes that exposure to the sun and light will help to improve the waterway.

And as for gazumping the plans of the Council to clear the stream? "Well, I got fed up looking at it," he says mildly. "And anyhow, I'm sure they have enough to be doing …"

Yes, a tidy town is always back to the power of one. Each one of us willing to just do it.