Sunday, March 12, 2017

News from Maintain Hope in Kenya

Greetings from a sweltering drought suffering Kenya, writes Gerry O'Donoghue of Maintain Hope. Over 2m extra people here are are on emergency feeding programmes and herdsmen are grazing their flocks in city and town parks.

Our pictures show Esther Reddy, David Dempsey and Trish McDonnell holding the Community Award when it was presented to Maintain Hope in Kilcullen, and (top) Shamsi, Winnie, and Salma holding it in Ngong, Nairobi.

Life is tough here at the moment but the children are healthy and well and attending school. Three of our older children have graduated from High School. Lawrence is pursuing engineering, Esther is studying Hair and Beauty and Zeitun topped her class in school and will be offered a range of places in Kenyatta University. She is currently mulling over her choices.

All these achievements have been possible because of the support from at home in Ireland. My grateful thanks and best wishes to everyone at home.