Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lifetime scouting service award for Kitty Reade

Kitty Reade has received a Lifelong Service Award from Scouting Ireland, after 39 years of dedicated service to the Kilcullen Scout Troop, writes Brian Byrne.

The award was made this week at SI’s Founders Day, and Kitty is pictured here (via Facebook) with family at the event.

It is another major recognition of the legacy of herself and her late husband Dick, who died in 2011, have in the 9th Kildare Troop, founded in 1977. For this they received in 2007 the Cuchulainn Award, the highest commendation for adults in scouting in Ireland.

The existence of the troop has given an opportunity for hundreds, maybe thousands, of young boys and girls to learn the importance of teamwork, fair play, and striving to achieve goals in both competition and harmony. As these youngsters grew up and scattered, they were thus equipped to be valued members of whatever community they ended up in.

Few achievements in anyone’s lifetime are greater than that.