Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Open Information Evening on Speech & Drama benefits

An Information Evening on the benefits of Speech & Drama is being held by Evelyn O’Sullivan of Drama Dynamics tonight, writes Brian Byrne.

The event will take place in Cross & Passion College starting at 8pm.

It’s an open event, with everybody welcome.

The evening will focus on discussion of the benefits of Speech & Drama in itself and also in relation to the class-based assessments associated with the Junior Cert curriculum.

“The evening is really all about highlighting the importance of speech & drama as a life skill for public speaking in all settings,” Evelyn told the Diary.

“I’m also going to chat a little about the Junior Cert as there are  classroom-based assessment in oral presentation — it can be presentation or a performance and emphasis is now on the oral strand from first year. Being able to speak out is now a requirement.”

Students could even perform a poem or short act for the class-based performance.

“I’m also using tonight to inform the people already going to Drama Dynamics our plan for the coming year.”