Thursday, December 15, 2016

Crash at Knockbounce

Nobody was injured in a two-car crash just south of the motorway bridge this lunchtime, writes Brian Byrne.

Contrary to an earlier report, the incident was not at Thompson's Cross, a controversial junction a little further down the road.

The two cars involved were rendered undrivable in the crash, which happened on a wide part of the road.

A local man who tried to warn approaching traffic from down the road said it was very difficult to get passing vehicles to slow down or stop, 'until they saw the blue lights of the Garda car'.

Separately there was criticism this morning in relation to the stretch of road, in that there is still an 80km/h speed limit in operation, even after works at Thompson's Cross designed to slow down traffic through the junction.

“As a person who uses the junction daily, more often or not the traffic is at 80km when cars come across the multiple signs and the high kerbing,” Sabina Reddy said in a message to Cllr Rob Power in relation to the Thompson's Cross issue. “They then continue to travel at 80km through the junction, which is too excessive for the present set up. I am waiting for an accident to happen between the Sunnyhill turn off and Kilgowan turn off. If snow falls and covers the kerbing this can lead also to a dangerous situation.”