Thursday, November 03, 2016

Report of cyclist incident at Thompson's Cross

It didn’t take long, writes Brian Byrne. Though we’re still trying to firm it up, there’s a report that a man on his bike was in an incident at Thompson’s Cross last evening, where there are controversial ‘safety’ works currently in progress.

According to the reports, the cyclist was ‘fully lit up’ but came off his bike when he had to go into the main road because the new curbing closes off the hard shoulder. Apparently, as the possibility was highlighted in this space last week, ‘he had nowhere to go’ when he got into trouble in traffic. Fortunately, we understand the cyclist was not injured.

Local TD Martin Heydon’s office has been notified of the situation, and we’ll be following it up as it develops. Meantime, if you have knowledge of the matter, or similar, perhaps you might get in touch with the Diary.