Friday, September 02, 2016

TD criticises 'totally irresponsible' dumping

People who dump plastic sacks of items and loose items outside charity bins were criticised this week by local Fianna Fail TD Fiona O'Loughlin, writes Brian Byrne.

The bags of toys, books, CDs and rugs and bedding were left in the laneway at the back of Hillcrest, in some cases open to damage by rain. The charity collecting bins are operated by the ISPCC, Friends of Calcutta and MS Ireland.

Only MS Ireland answered calls from the deputy when she sought information on how often the bins are emptied. "They assured me that their bin had been cleared last weekend. The Friends of Calcutta number just went to a 'mailbox full' message.

Deputy O'Loughlin said some of the goods left were in their original boxes. "They would have been very acceptable to the Society of Vincent de Paul shops, or any of the KWWSPCA shops. It is the responsibility of those who operate the bins to empty them regularly, but I believe it is totally irresponsible of those people who dropped the bags and loose items in the lane last weekend, who didn't consider the rights of residents in the neighbouring apartments."