Sunday, August 07, 2016

'No plans for more bins' — Council

Kildare County Council has no plans to increase the number of public bins on the street, the Kilcullen Tidy Towns group has been told, writes Brian Byrne.

In a discussion on bins at the most recent meeting of Kilcullen Community Action, Eoin Houlihan said pressure should be put on the Council to empty the existing bins more often. Ray Kelly said that the problem was at weekends, when the Council won’t be working anyway.

Noel Clare said he didn’t believe the litter problem would be solved by having more bins, noting that the facility would be abused. “People who drop litter won’t put it in bins anyhow, and others would put domestic refuse in them.”

In a linked issue, the meeting heard that the Council claims the streets in Kilcullen are swept every weekday morning except Tuesday, and that the footpaths are swept once a week.

There was some sceptical surprise expressed at this information, and chairman Ray Kelly said he had asked the Council to come back with a clarification of the cleaning activities.

The picture above shows the kind of refuse/recycle bins provided in many European towns — these are typical of Denia in Spain.