Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Broadband from Old Kilcullen

The rollout by the Imagine broadband company of its service from a transmitter at Old Kilcullen will benefit 400 households there and in Calverstown, Narraghmore and Suncroft, according to a local TD.

The investment has been welcomed by Deputy Martin Heydon of Fine Gael, but he says more still needs to be done to meet the broadband needs in rural parts of south Kildare.

"I will continue to push Imagine and other providers to convince them that there is a demand to meet increased investment in broadband provision, as the substantial take up on this present rollout is proving," he says.

Deputy Heydon added that the state's National Broadband Plan is still in progress as well, but it will take more time before that brings services on the ground. "So I want to work in tandem with that to get more service options to local Kildare residents."