Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two attempted break-ins

Thieves were frustrated at two attempted break-ins to local business premises over the weekend, writes Brian Byrne.

In the case of Hair by Eilis, they failed in their attempts to jemmy open the aluminium framed door, but caused extensive damage to the lock and frame in the process.

They also tried to get into the store-room of the adjoining Final Furlong restaurant by the top of a window, but the grille behind would have prevented access anyhow.

The laneway which allows access to both sites is locked at weekends and night time, so the would-be burglars may have scaled a fence from an adjoining property.

"They wouldn't have got anything for their trouble anyhow," says Eilis, who has operated the salon there for close on 30 years. "Nobody leaves money in their premises around here, and there's nothing else worth anything except for the running of our business."