Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Nicholastown gets more wild

Those who walk or cycle up along by Nicholastown will see the now familiar ‘Wild Area’ in the middle of the green, writes Brian Byrne. It has been a feature of summer in the estate for some years now, and has been extended to the roadside.

Ray Kelly explains.

As part of the Wild Area project in Nicholastown, we decided to extend some areas along the roadside as we were delayed in cutting it due to the daffodils. The idea is to allow areas to grow wild, to encourage plants that otherwise would never get to be seen. 
The areas are also havens for insects and wild life which in turn pollinate and allow the plants to thrive. While some people might see them as untidy and ugly, I think once the areas around them are kept neat and tidy, they look great.
The other benefit is, of course, a reduced mowing area, thus reducing fuel usage, and therefore being greener.