Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ger builds on a child's imagination

"I listen to children, it's their imagination I use."

Ger Doyle from Yellow Bog also stirs the imagination of the same children — and maybe their parents too — with the fairy houses he builds, writes Brian Byrne, as a hobby which might become a business.

Anyone who went on the Dawn Walk in aid of Pieta House in the early hours of Saturday will remember seeing examples of what Ger produces, in the time he has on hands while still having operations for a leg injury of some years ago.

"I thought it would be a fun place to put them, lighting the paths on the walk through New Abbey," he says. "They certainly attracted a lot of interest."

There's always a child left in all of us, no matter how old we grow. And a smile for the whimsical, which fairies and their houses are by their nature.

Ger has designs both for outdoor garden, and indoor ones, each able to take an electric tea light to simulate a fire flickering inside. "That's why they have little stacks of logs outside," he grins.

They certainly add to his other handwork, garden furniture and bird tables — "I have one in the shape of a man, the table on his outstretched hand, I call him the Bird Butler."

By the way, if you like the ones you saw on the Dawn Walk, Ger will give a portion of any sales from them to the Pieta House fund. You can contact him on his Facebook page.