Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Presentation on Dun Ailinne progress

The progress of the latest excavations on Dún Ailínne will be the focus of a presentation tonight, Tuesday, in the Town Hall Theatre, writes Brian Byrne.

The work has been in train since the beginning of the month, under the direction of Dr Susan Johnstown, Professorial Lecturer in Anthropology at George Washington University.

A specialist in Irish prehistory, Dr Johnston's areas of expertise include Iron Age archaeology, archaeology of religion and ritual, petroglyphs and rock art.

She has spent a number of summers here directing geophysical surveys of Dún Ailínne, and this year’s excavations, the first since those by the late Professor Bernard Wailes in the late 60s and early 70s, have been aimed at exploring and confirming some of the results of those.

The dig is being assisted by the Irish Archaeological Field School, and is also in collaboration with Professor Pam Crabtree of New York University (above).

Tonight’s presentation begins at 8pm and is open to all. It will be fascinating.