Monday, June 27, 2016

KCA 'awaiting response' on bus signage

Bus Eireann has been contacted by Kilcullen Community Action to make ‘more appropriate’ signage available at the bus stop, writes Brian Byrne.

KCA Chairman Ray Kelly told the recent meeting of the Tidy Towns umbrella group that he had made the request and is awaiting a response.

The meeting also discussed the progress of the Summer Flowers project for this year. The installation of the boxes is ongoing, and local businesses have been sent letters seeking support for the initiative. Flowers are to be planted at the town entry sign opposite Lui na Greine.

Note was made of the various works related to unused buildings, in particular the repainting of his Cow mural by Kieran Behan. New murals are planned for Hillcrest and near the Cattle Mart.

An independent committee is to be established to decide on Community Awards, and a new group from KCA has been delegated to nominate the KCA Tidy Towns Awards.

A public meeting is to be held in September to discuss the local names of roads.

The next meeting of KCA will be Tuesday 5 July in Fallons.