Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Great night at Kalbarri

More than 40 people attended last night's initiative on creating an awareness of food waste, jointly organised by Kilcullen Tidy Towns and Kalbarri Cookery School.

Siobhan Murphy of Kalbarri gave ideas on how to use up food that might normally go to the bin — such as vegetables, bread, cheese and wine. She produced wonderful soup, tasty meatballs, sweet bread pudding and some variations of home-made bread for those assembled to sample, following her presentation.

Among some valuable pieces of advice to reduce food waste was to ensure you make a list before going shopping and sticking to it. Another was buy only what you need. Simple enough advice but mostly ignored when shopping.

As part of the evening, Kilcullen Tidy Town’s Ray Kelly gave a brief overview of the group's plan for the summer and asked anyone present who felt they could help out on any aspects of the plan to get in touch.

Overall a very enjoyable evening — both with information and for sociability — thanks to all at Kalbarri and those who attended for making it so.