Monday, April 11, 2016

Hang with the scoodoos at Riverbank

If you haven't heard of scoodoos, well, that's because they haven't revealed themselves to humans for a long time.

That's what Kildare-based artist CiarĂ¡n Burke says anyhow, but he has a special relationship with the scoodoos, ancient tree spirits. He recreates them in twig and branch sculptures, and passes on their message that we need to save the planet by growing more trees.

A special exhibition that opened in the Riverbank Arts Centre at the weekend celebrates both the reappearance of the scoodoos, and trees themselves.

It's a hanging installation that documents a year in the life of a tree in Mayo, with 365 photographs showing it. A digital screen also rotates the pictures through, and there are also related canvas prints. Scoodoo sculptures pass on their important message, and there are opportunities for visitors to hang postcards with 'Dear Tree' messages.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 22 May, and is open Monday to Friday 10am-5.30pm, until 1pm on Saturdays.