Thursday, April 28, 2016

Brannoxtown NS pitches for Naas pupils

Brannoxtown National School has made a big pitch for pupils from Naas in response to criticisms made by Deputy James Lawless about overcrowding in Naas schools, writes Brian Byrne.

Picking up on reporting of the deputy’s remarks, the Brannoxtown school’s Principal Dolores Burke says there are places there ‘on Naas’s doorstep’ where pupils can enjoy the advantages of education in a small rural school.

In a letter given prominence in this week’s Kildare Nationalist, Ms Burke details some of these advantages, such as pupil-teacher ratios of 17:1 in some classes, half that applicable in some Naas classes.

Other reasons to bring your child to Brannoxtown NS, which acquired a new state-of-the-art building a few years ago is a strong emphasis on individualised and small-group instruction. The chances of getting a part in a class musical, or playing on the school football team are also much higher than in larger schools.

The interaction between parents and teachers is also much easier in a school where ‘bureaucratic layering is at a minimum’. “There is usually less red tape and fewer rules,” Ms Burke notes. “Scheduling is much more flexible than in a large school, and schedules can be easily altered to accommodate instructional activities.”

In conclusion to a very comprehensive piece, she suggests that any parent interested in a quality rural education should read local parent Tracy Piggott’s article on the school’s website, and visit the school itself.