Saturday, March 05, 2016

New sculpture commemorates Kilcullen vision and creativity

Kilcullen has a new sculpture in place this morning, to commemorate all who were involved in Kilcullen Development Association, writes Brian Byrne.

'The Magician', by local artist Noel Scullion, celebrates local vision and creativity, in particular the contribution to the town's mid-20th century development by the late Paddy Nugent and Michael St Leger.

An official unveiling event will be organised later, but the piece was put in place early this morning at the bridge.

Pictured are Gerry O'Brien, Brendan O'Connell of KDA, artist Noel Scullion, Nessa Dunlea of Kilcullen Heritage Group, and stonemason Seamus Fahy who prepared the location for the piece over recent months.

The sculpture is made from Indian black granite, the same material as the 'Spear' sculpture by the same artist at the Dun Ailinne Commemoratove Park in Nicholastown.

A feature of the design is that the eyes of the face 'follow' people as they walk or drive slowly by. Other elements will show when it is lit at night.

The artist says the joined hands in the design represent the creativity that is found right across a community, something for which Kilcullen has always been known.

Kilcullen Development Association was founded in 1949, and among other things was responsible for bringing industry to the town and developing affordable housing in the Moanbane Park and Bishop Rogan Park developments. The organisation also contributed to the development needs of many local community organisations.