Friday, March 11, 2016

Invitation to hear Drama Dynamics students

There's an open invitation to the people of Kilcullen to attend the Drama Dynamics classes next week, writes Brian Byrne, where students will demonstrate the exam pieces they will have performed for the Royal Irish Academy of Music this coming Saturday.

Usually this in invitation is extended to family members only, but this year everyone interested can attend.

Evelyn O'Sullivan says the demonstrations are always useful to the students in terms of giving them experience in performing in public. This year it will also serve to show to the wider community what goes on in Drama Dynamics.

The classes next week will be over three evenings, and will be divided by age as outlined in the list below.

Evelyn asks that those attending arrive before the start of whichever class they're interested in, so as not to distract the students by arriving in the middle of performances.

Monday March 14th
Age 8/9 yrs- 4.30-5.30
Age 9/10 yrs 5.30-6.30
Age 10/11 yrs 6.30-7.30
Age 15/18 yrs 7.30-9.00

The final class on Monday is a combination of three teen classes. Approximately 18 students.

Tuesday March 15th
Age 5-6yrs & 6-7yrs 4.00-5.00
Age 7-8yrs 5.00-6.00

Wednesday March 16th
Age 11/12 yrs 4.30-5.30
Age 12/13 yrs 5.30-6.30
Age 13/14 yrs 6.30-7.30