Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good Text Alert AGM

The areas of Silliot Hill and Carnalway are planning to join the Kilcullen Text Alert Scheme as soon as the residents there fill in forms which will be distributed, writes Brian Byrne.

This was one result of last night's AGM of the Scheme, which was described as a 'great amount' for a meeting.

More signs have been ordered, the meeting was told, for the areas of Sunnyhill, Kinneagh, New Abbey, Ballysax and Brannockstown

No representative from the Garda was available to attend the meeting, but a special meet-up will take place shortly to discuss policing issues in the area. The meeting heard from members that more interaction from the Garda via Text Alert would be appreciated.

Some 494 people have signed up to the Scheme at the moment, and the number continues to grow. Sabina Reddy noted that the Scheme had been fairly quiet recently, as very few alerts were being texted in. "We can only report what we hear," she said.

Kilcullen Credit Union and the Calverstown Grocery were mentioned amongst expressions of thanks for support of the scheme, in those instances acting as points where sign-up forms could be got.

Outgoing Chair Ivan Keatley raised the idea of getting the business community included in Text Alert and it was agreed that this will be looked into.

The Committee for the coming year is Chairperson Sabina Reddy; Secretary Phil O'Brown; Treasurer Maurice O'Mahony; and Ivan Keatley stays on the Committee.

Outgoing Secretary Aileen Thorpe was thanked in her role as Secretary and good wishes were expressed to herself and Noel for happiness in their new home in Wexford.