Saturday, January 02, 2016

Kilcullen in flood warning along the Liffey

Kilcullen, Clane, Newbridge, Straffan and Celbridge are at risk of flooding over the next few days, the ESB said in a statement two hours ago (5.30pm), writes Brian Byrne.

The company said additional discharges and natural inflows from any further rainfall into the middle Liffey will lead to an increased risk of flooding in all areas of the middle Liffey.

The statement noted that over the last number of weeks there has been very heavy rainfall in the River Liffey catchment, and that during these events, a high proportion of the water falling in the upper Liffey has been stored in Poulaphuca reservoir, which has greatly reduced the impact of the flooding downstream.

"Due to increased levels at Pollaphuca and ongoing heavy rainfall, it has been necessary to increase discharges of water from the reservoir into the River Liffey. Discharges are currently at approximately 40 cubic metres per second (cumecs)," the statement continued. "We continue to closely monitor the situation and are in communication with the local authorities and response agencies in accordance with our normal operating procedures."

Earlier today Kildare County Council said there will be an increased likelihood of flooding along the Liffey for the next three or four days because of increased discharges from the Poulaphuca Reservoir. The duration of the discharges depends on the level of rainfall.

The Council is advising residents and businesses in close proximity to the river that crews will endeavour to supply sandbags to the most vulnerable areas.

Anyone experiencing difficulties should contact 1890 500333.

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