Friday, November 27, 2015

Seniors tips against winter dangers

The winter chill poses particular problems for older people and Kilcullen-based Home Instead Senior Care Kildare has issued some timely tips to keep things safe for them, writes Brian Byrne.

According to Home Instead's Amanda Bohan, the main dangers include hypothermia, frostbite and falls.

She says it is advisable for older people to stay indoors when it gets very cold outside, especially if it's also windy.

"If you have to go outside, do not stay out in the cold or the wind for very long," she adds. "Wear a hat and gloves when out in the cold and always cover your mouth and nose with a scarf."

Anyone who does go out, and begins to shiver, it's a warning sign that they should go back indoors again, as shivering indicates they are losing body heat.

It's also particularly important to stay dry, as wet clothing chills the body quickly.

Guarding against falls is also important, and avoiding obviously dangerous activities like walking on ice or snowy footpaths is key to getting through a cold spell with bruises or breaks. Boots with non-skid soles help, and people using canes should make sure the rubber tips are in good condition.

If it snows, have somebody make sure that steps and walkways are kept clear.