Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ultan Conlon in the BAG

Mostly, November at the BAG is all about Irish acts, writes Roy Thompson of the Ballymore Acoustic Gigs. Some returning, some appearing for the first time.

Ultan Conlon is one such first-timer, but with two acclaimed albums under his belt, he's been around the block, honing both his songwriting, and his performance. The result is a thoroughly engaging sound. Of his first record, 'Bless Your Heart' (2009), the Evening Herald said: "The most impressive Irish debut since Damien Rice’s O". His second, 'Songs of Love So Cruel' finds Ultan not just comfortable with fuller instrumentation but also more versed and focused as a songwriter.

Door open on Monday evening at 8:30pm; gig starts at 9pm. Admission is €12.

Coming Next: Frankie Lane & Paul Kelly/Albert Niland/John Spillane.