Monday, November 16, 2015

Milemill Cross 'needs behaviour change'

Proper and safe use of the new 4-way stop system at Milemill will require some change in driver behaviour, writes Brian Byrne.

That's the view of Deputy Martin Heydon, who pushed for the improvement to the difficult junction in conjunction with Kildare County Council and the Garda.

He was commenting on the first days of experience with the revised junction, which means that traffic coming from the Kilcullen and Dunlavin directions now have to stop before proceeding through the crossroads.

Despite advance warning signs, special road markings and surfaces, and the clear positioning of the new stop signs themselves, a disturbing number of drivers on the former main road were observed failing to stop completely, some of them not even slowing down and driving on as if the new signs weren't there.

Failing to halt completely at a stop sign can result in the imposition of three penalty points and an €80 fixed penalty, more if the offence goes to court.