Thursday, November 19, 2015

Avoid moneylenders, CU urges

With the expenses of Christmas and the New Year getting closer, Kilcullen Credit Union is suggesting to local people that they begin putting aside regular payments now to have the cash available.

The CU cautions against using moneylenders to fund Christmas spending, as they will end up with a 'sackful of debts' in the months following the festive season.

In an article in the current 'Bridge Magazine', Kilcullen Credit Union's Pat Stafford reminds the community that the best gift of all at Christmas is being together. "And that costs nothing at all," he notes. "Anyone worried about their finances, or who want advice on putting together a budget, are welcome to visit our offices and see what options are available to prevent debt later in the year."

The article offers a number of useful tips to ease the financial stress of Christmas. All are simple, such as making a list of purchase needs in advance, joining a Christmas Club, and comparing prices before buying.

The 'Bridge' is on sale in a number of local outlets. Worth the €2 for that list of tips alone.