Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thanks for concert support from Maintain Hope

A full and enthusiastic house marked the return of 'The Moon and Sixpence' to the Town Hall Theatre on 8 September, writes Gerry O'Donoghue. It was a night of fun, nostalgia and most of all of wonderful music. They enthralled their faithful fans and won a legion of new admirers. The night was tinged with sadness as tribute was paid to Peter Coe and our own Des Byrne, who like many, are gone too soon.

The proceeds were to pay for school and exam fees for our Maintain Hope students and we are really grateful to everybody who supported us on the night and gave them this chance at an education. Special thanks to Lorcan McGeough, who nursed this event to fruition. The rent is paid, school costs are paid and the food cupboard is full. It’s a great feeling to have everything paid until Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, Monica and John Martin are already laying plans for our Christmas Gathering which will be in the Town Hall Theatre on Thursday 17 Dec. It will be a seasonal mix of music and musings and Berneys Chemists are again obliging with the box-office, with tickets at €10.

There has already been a very positive response to our Tenner a Month appeal. If anybody has a Standing Order Form lying around, please complete it today. It will make a lasting difference. Details can be had on

All of the children are physically well and are getting visibly stronger by the day. For some, the scars go deeper and we are providing counselling and therapy for some who are badly affected by what they have suffered and seen in their short lives. For children whose start in life was so appalling, they are full of joy and enthusiasm. They appreciate the smallest gesture of love or kindness and in their turn are unfailingly kind to each other. They comfort and support each other and perform countless acts of hidden kindness when there is no prospect of credit or reward. They love learning and think nothing of waking at 5am to be on time for school, where they are eager learners. They are constantly thanking us for our help, but I am convinced that we are the ones who should be thankful for the great privilege of working with them.

Pictured above are two of our children, Winnie aged two, and Sandra aged 10.