Saturday, July 04, 2015

A girl called Hope

When the recent 'Acoustic Picnic' concert for Maintain Hope became a direct fundraiser for a little baby girl called Hope, she was just a name here, writes Gerry O'Donoghue. But now, as we have permission to publish her picture, here she is.

Hope's story for us began on the rainy and cold Kenya morning of June 6 at 4am, when Jane, the Director of Maintain Hope Children’s Home, was awakened by the sound of a baby crying. Outside the gate, in the mud, she found a newborn baby girl. Her desperate mother, perhaps only a child herself, knew that inside that gate there was warmth and shelter and hope.

Jane wrapped the baby and took her to hospital, where she is still being cared for. Efforts to trace her mother and father have so far failed. While she needs specialist care and is too young yet to live in Maintain Hope Children’s Home, we are now responsible for her future welfare. So, Hope, for that is the name that Jane gave her, is the newest member of our family.

This story is not meant to bring you down, but rather to raise you up, because through the support and generosity of the people who support us, Hope will have a future and she will be loved.

Looking back at Acoustic Picnic, not only did Roy Thompson organise one of the best night’s music ever heard in the Town Hall, he and his friends gave a memorable performance of his own songs. Bloomsday in Kilcullen in 2015 will be remembered for a long time. It was one of those nights. Many thanks to everybody, too many to mention, who contributed to the success of the night.

And now we look forward to something that promises to be just as enjoyable. Thanks to Lorcan McGeough, the fabled combo The Moon and Sixpence are already rehearsing for a Gala Reunion in the Town Hall. They will perform their eclectic collection of classic hits on Tuesday September 15 in the Town Hall. Be warned! This will be a sellout! Tickets will be on sale at €10.

For an outline of what Maintain Hope does, you can visit of find us on Facebook. You can contact me on 087-2642887 or by email