Friday, June 12, 2015

No longer a place to Stray Inn Mile Mill

There's been a big change to Markeys of Mile Mill, writes Brian Byrne. Relax, though — it's only that the name has been changed from The Stray Inn to The Mill.

Ger Markey told the Diary today that the name was last used prior to 1983, while The Stray Inn name was only supposed to be there for a day.

That name came about in October 1983 when the pub was used as a location for the film 'Cal', a movie about the Troubles starring Helen Mirren and Donal McCann, from the novel by Bernard MacLaverty. The 'temporary' name board was left there.

"When we took down the 'Stray' sign three weeks ago, after 32 years, we found that the 'Phillip Markey' painted sign behind had faded, and the name 'P Schwer' could be seen underneath," says Ger, who has been in charge of the pub himself for 20 years.

His father bought the premises from a 'character' of his time, the Duke Murphy, who had owned the bar for just nine months after buying it from the Schwer family.

Before and during Phil Markey's day it was always known as 'The Mill', even though the name was never over the door. Now, a very long time on, it's official.

Meanwhile, the 'Remember Mickey Gordon' event this evening promises to be a very entertaining night indeed. There's music and finger food and stories. And Mickey himself will be making an 'appearance' courtesy of a bit of tape found in which he was interviewed and sang.

Everybody who remembers him is welcome. Also anyone too young to remember him, as they'll have a unique opportunity to hear about an important character in Kilcullen's colourful heritage.