Monday, June 15, 2015

All the green fingers ... (and green water cans)

Ten people turned out on Saturday morning to help with the planting of the summer flowers around the town, writes Noel Clare. That's considerably more than normal and it made a huge difference in getting the job done quickly and relatively painlessly.

Flowers were planted in the square, on the New Abbey Road and the large planters were put in place on the bridge. Earlier in the week the new wooden tubs were planted with flowers and the window boxes are currently being put in place and expected to be completed by Monday or Tuesday.

In the meantime donations are coming in steadily to help pay for the summer flowers. Letters have been sent around seeking support from those who benefit from window boxes and hanging baskets and to date the response has been positive.

Work will continue on this Monday night from 7.30 on cleaning and painting the railings on the bridge. Help with this would also be greatly appreciated. Pictures courtesy Noel Clare.