Saturday, April 25, 2015

Come out and vote

Are you registered to vote? writes Lynn Worrall. Many are surprised to discover they are not.

May 5th is the deadline to ensure you are on the register of electors in Kildare. As it approaches we urge you to check the register of electors ( to make sure you are registered to vote. You can also check in all local authority offices, post office, Garda station and the library. You can easily register and all the details are on the website.

Of course having a vote is no good if you don't use it, so mark your diaries and come out and VOTE in the Referendum on Marriage Equality and on reducing the age of eligibility for office of President on May 22nd.

In Kilcullen recently a Pledge to Vote street canvass by YES Equality Kildare was a great success with many Kilcullen folk pledging to come out and vote on May 22nd.

YES Equality Kildare can be reached on, on —YesEqualityKE.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Diary does not take a view on referendums, and any opinions expressed on posts relating to the subjects of the upcoming referendums are those of the writers. Submissions from every point of view are welcome, but we reserve the right to edit or decline publication. The video below is produced by the Referendum Commission and contains unbiased, independent information on the upcoming referendums on marriage and the presidential candidates age. Before you vote, get the facts at