Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sun does its thing with the spear again

While it wasn't on the button of sunrise, because there was an obstinate mass of cloud trying to make like its own mountain, the good group who turned out this morning in the hope of another Noel Scullion miracle were not disappointed, writes Brian Byrne.

Thankfully, there's a longish window of opportunity in the equinoctial performances of Noel's spear sculpture at the Dun Ailinne Commemorative Park, and we were all rewarded with the effect of the sun through the monument when it finally did get above the clouds.

And even without that, it has become one more regular social occasion on the Kilcullen Calendar, following which many accepted the invitation from Ray and Fiona Kelly to sausages and brown bread in their home.

It was all probably quite similar on Dun Ailinne itself 2,000 years ago ...