Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Deputy wants feedback on Curragh

Walking tour of The Curragh at Donnelly's Hollow.
Local TD Deputy Martin Heydon is asking residents of Kildare to complete a survey on their use of The Curragh Plains, writes Brian Byrne.

He says the 5,000-acre area has 'huge' potential for the equine industry, tourism, and recreation and amenity for local people.

"It has an illustrious heritage which could be better understood and utilised by locals and visitors alike with some changes and improvements," he says. “I want the feedback of those familiar with the plains, from those who work there with horses, sheep or the military to the many South Kildare residents who use it for running, walking or just flying a kite with the family."

The short survey is available on his website www.martinheydon.com.