Thursday, November 09, 2017

Schools Poster Competition 2017 prizes presented

The winners of the 2017 Schools Poster Competition organised by Kilcullen and Narraghmore branches of Kildare Credit Union were presented with their certificates last night, writes Brian Byrne.

The Kilcullen schools participating were Scoil Bhride, Halverstown NS, and Cross & Passion College.

The winner in the Special Category was Kelvin John Kelly from CPC.

In the 7 Years & Under category, the winners were 1 Hugh Byrne (Scoil Bhride), 2 Amy Byrne (Scoil Bhride), 3 Daisy Reddy (Scoil Bhride), 4 Murray Cole (Halverstown).

In the 8-10 Years category, 1 Eleanor Steed (Halverstown), 2 Einin Jacob (Scoil Bhride), 3 Amber Lawlor (Scoil Bhride), and 4 Thomas Daly (Scoil Bhride).

In the 11-13 Years category 1 Ella Cullen (Scoil Bhride), 2 Kyle O'Connell (Scoil Bhride), 3 Lara O'Mahony (Scoil Bhride) and 4 Alexandria Butler (Scoil Bhride).

The participating schools in the Narraghmore Branch area were Kilmead NS, Moone NS, and St Laurence's NS.

In the 7 Years & Under category the winners were 1 Laura Cashin (Kilmead NS), 2 Julie Doyle (Kilmead NS), and 3 Katie Stack (Moone NS).

In the 8-10 Years category 1 Karina Fleming (Kilmead NS), 2 Rebecca Nolan (Moone NS), and 3 Iulia Sirbu (St Laurence's NS).

In the 11-13 Years category 1 Mary Ellen Lawler (Moone NS), 2 Jennifer Keane (Kilmead NS), and 3 Ava Dunphy (Moone NS).

In the Special category the winner was CharlieJago Byrne (Moone NS).

The prizes were presented by Pat Stafford on behalf of the Kilcullen Branch of Kildare Credit Union and Pauline Mooney for the Narraghmore Branch.