Friday, August 04, 2017

Appeal for care on the roads this weekend

An appeal for drivers to be careful over the Bank Holiday weekend has been issued by Kildare County Council, writes Brian Byrne.

It's the busiest weekend of the year on the road, and also potentially one of the most dangerous in road accident terms.

The Council's Road Safety Officer Declan Keogh says being courteous to other road users goes a long way in safety terms. "Giving way to other drivers, moving over for a cyclist, allowing a pedestrian plenty of time to cross a road, these can all contribute to better and safer road behaviour and attitudes," he says in a weekend message. "By doing the opposite, its not going to get you to your destination any quicker really."

He added that the Garda will be very vigilant right through the weekend for any traffic offences. He advises being sober while driving, driving within the speed limit, having a seatbelt on each occupant plus all the other necessary safety factors. "A simple mistake by an unexpected occurrence can change people lives forever, and we all need to avoid those occurrences and be aware and alert of everything around us."

Before setting out, check tyres, engine fluids, screen-wash water, lights, and clean mirrors and windows. Also don't attempt to keep going if you get tired, take a break with a coffee and if possible a nap.