Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Saoirse ponders on the 'Ghosts of Tomorrow'

A new album from Saoirse Mhór, aka Paul Durney formerly of Kilcullen, highlights his writing talents as well as arranging skills, writes Brian Byrne.

Featured recently by Clem Ryan on KFM radio, 'Ghosts of Tomorrow' has 11 excellent tracks, mostly new writing but also including the evocative 'The Cleggan Bay Disaster' which was the name track for a previous CD.

The lyrics on the title number of this production, which Saoirse has dedicated to his father Patrick and for whose birthday he recently made a quick trip home from Germany, are a perfect example of the deepening of the singer's thinking, in this instance on the value of taking the future now.

'Tell me son, have you taken the chances you've seen/Don't you know that the ghosts of tomorrow are keen?'

Many of Saoirse's musical friends in his home near Heidelberg in Germany — who perform collectively as 'Fleadh' — contributed to the album, including Michael Busch, Andrew Cadie, Katie Doherty, Frank Durschner, Marcus Eichelaub, Tommy Gorny, Andy Horn and Frank Weber.

A sweet and sometimes bitter-sweet collection of a talent nurtured and matured from the musician's original busking in Germany to a thoughtful perspective of life which can only come from enough time spent living it.