Monday, June 26, 2017

More car smash and grab attacks

Following our report at the weekend of three cars being targeted by thieves looking for valuable contents, we've now learned of another incident on the same night, writes Brian Byrne.

UPDATE: There was also a similar theft at St Brigid's Cemetery in Kilcullen yesterday, when a sum of money was taken from a car in which a bag had been left.

A car in the Community Centre car park had its window broken on Friday evening. CCTV examination subsequently showed a black car driving in beside it, and a man getting out to look into the rear of the parked vehicle.

Then the black car — which appears to be a Mercedes-Benz A-Class model sold between 2001-2004 — drives around the other side, when the back window on the other side was smashed.

A bag of no value was taken. But once again the car's owner is put to significant expense and inconvenience to have the window replaced. And the same lesson applies — leave nothing visible in your car that will tempt a smash-and-grab thief.

The whole thing took less than two minutes. The pictures have been given to An Garda.