Tuesday, April 18, 2017

'Litter depresses property values' — estate agent

Litter can have a direct negative effect on residential property values, writes Austin Egan of Appleton Property Services. The purchasing decision does not start at the hall door. A potential buyer’s decision will be influenced by what they see on the approach to a viewing. If an area is clean and tidy it gives a potential purchaser a positive impression on approach to the property.

Very often our clients tell us that they notice new cars in the area once we list their property. They see cars slowing down and looking at their house from the outside before contacting us for a viewing. Many potential buyers will look around the general area in order to decide if they want to view a house. A tidy, well looked after area is an important factor in their decision, not just on whether to buy but on whether to view a house in the first place.

In the current market, properly presented and well maintained clean, tidy, decluttered properties outperform all others. However, the presentation of the general area and approach roads can also play a big part.

Litter gives a negative impression of an area. We work with our clients to ensure we create the best possible impression of their homes. Lawns are cut, weeds removed, houses cleaned and decluttered, sometimes painted. But if there is a lot of litter in an area approaching the house this has a negative impact on the sales campaign and could arguably have a negative effect on the sales potential for all properties in the area.

It is in everybody’s interest to do whatever each can to maintain their areas as litter-free as possible.

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