Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sunnyhill Road issues raised

A call for the banning of heavy goods vehicles from the Sunnyhill Road was raised at the recent meeting between Kilcullen people and their local representatives, writes Brian Byrne.

It was one of a number of traffic issues which were outlined to councillors and TDs at the meeting, which was organised and hosted by Kilcullen Community Action.

"Residents will tell you that they take their lives in their hands every day on the road, which is used as a rat-run by traffic trying to avoid Kilcullen," KCA chairman Ray Kelly said, adding that speed on the route continued to be a problem, despite the positioning of a Garda car there from time to time.

The politicians were asked for the Council to consider a HGV ban, and traffic slowing measures such as speed bumps or narrowing of sections of the road.

Dangers due to the traffic lights setup in Kilcullen itself were also raised, particularly for traffic trying to turn into the Milemill Road from the south.

Mayor of Kildare Ivan Keatley said the current lights simply weren't suitable for the need and should be replaced as a matter of safety. "They need a major overhaul," he said.

Ray Kelly said that Council engineers inspecting the lights decreed them as 'working perfectly'. "If they were working perfectly, we wouldn't have the tailbacks we get through the town," he added. He also said further narrowing of the footpath at the crossroads could provide safer turning lanes.

The local representatives were also told that box junction lining was needed at a number of estate entrances, for example at Avondale. In general, road lining was a problem through the town.

A specific related issue is the lack of markings at the entrance to Market Square, which regularly had vehicles coming down the hill overshooting the turn onto the bridge and driving into the square.