Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Call for enforcement of parking regulations

The lack of enforcement of parking regulations was highlighted at the recent meeting of Kilcullen people and local councillors and TDs, writes Brian Byrne.

In particular, chairman of Kilcullen Community Action Ray Kelly wondered if there needed to be by-laws in force for the town for gardai to enforce the rules around double yellow lines?

Deputy Fiona O'Loughlin and other local representatives confirmed that no by-laws were needed, and the gardai could deal with offenders.

Ray Kelly noted that he had on occasion seen Garda Traffic Corps cars ignore such breaches of regulations and fail to ticket offending vehicles.

The KCA presentation outlined specific parking problems and solutions, including the need for implementation of lined parking bays on Hillside, and for linear parking instead of nose-in opposite the Town Hall — drivers with big cars parked tail out from there often impede traffic flow.

Other parking needs reported to the political representatives include a Disabled Parking bay near the bank and Town Hall.

"Most of the problems we have are simple things to fix, especially if regulations were enforced," the KCA chairman concluded.

The Diary is preparing further reports from the evening which will be published as they are ready.